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Why He Can't Marry You (Even When He Secretly WANTS To)

Why He Can't Marry You (Even When He Secretly WANTS To)

. 2 min read

Did you know that, when it comes to commitment, every man is in one of TWO emotional phases?

  • The ‘juvenile player’ phase...
  • And the grown up MAN phase.

Grown up men are able to FULLY commit.

But when a man is in the ‘juvenile player’ phase, he is more than happy to spend time naked in your bed...

But will never take steps to move the relationship forward.


Turns out that, psychologically, he actually can’t move to the next phase on his own.

There’s even a name for this: it’s called Peter Pan syndrome.

And it means that he is totally reliant on YOU to do it FOR him... be the one woman who can inspire him to CHOOSE to grow up, become a MAN, and commit.

And until you do...

  • he will be unwilling to talk about his feelings

  • unwilling to upgrade the relationship

  • and he won’t ever really FEEL the love he’s capable of feeling.

Hey, he might say he does.

He might call himself your boyfriend... or even your fiancée.

He might even BELIEVE it (for now.)

But until you can dissolve his invisible hangups about commitment (that he might not even realize are there)...

He’ll always have one foot out the door emotionally...

… and he’ll never truly become the MAN he was meant to be.

If you want to see exactly how to dissolve these hangups, help him grow up, and have even the biggest player CHOOSE to commit himself heart, body, and soul to you...

...then go check out this free presentation cartoon we put together for you:

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When you do, all the foot dragging and weird emotional distance transforms into an absolute flood of affection, devotion, and undying connection...

And you’ll see the biggest player of them all bending over backwards to change his ways for YOU.

Remember, he can’t do it himself.

He needs your help.

PS: I want you to watch this presentation because it shows you EXACTLY how to be the one woman who INSPIRES him to stop being a boy...

...and become a real MAN, the way it should be.

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