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Top 8 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Top 8 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

. 3 min read

You are attracted to this hunk in school, or at your workplace, right?

And you'd love him to date you, right?

But you don't want to appear too desperate or pushy, right? Because you are afraid that may scare him off.

And you're wondering, "How can I pull it off?"

In this article, I want to share some tips you can use to get a guy to ask you out.

1. Smile Often

Guys just love to see a smiling woman. Smiling makes a woman look appealing, inviting, and approachable.

Furthermore, a woman who smiles often tells a man that she is a friendly woman. That can make a guy reckon that he will find it easy to get along with you.

So, whenever you see him, smile sweetly into his face and give him a compliment. And as you converse with him, let a smile slip onto your face from time to time.

2. Drop Subtle Hints You Are Attracted To Him

Some guys are risk averse. They may like you and want to ask you out, but may be scared of rejection. You can make things easier for him, and encourage him to make the move, by dropping hints that you are single.

Additionally, drop hints that you would like to date someone like him. That will send a clear message to him that you are available and willing to accept a "dating proposal." You can be sure he will feel that the way is clear for him to act.

3. Let Him Know Your Routine

Tell him about the fact that you spend time alone watching movies in your apartment every weekend. Or, inform him about times you are both free.

When he knows you are free when he is free, he might think to himself sometimes, "I spend so much of my free time with my guy friends. Why don't I ask Sue out for a change."

4. Show An Interest In His Interests

Research about his interests. And then whilst conversing with him, ask him how he spends his leisure time.

When he does, wow him by showing your knowledge of his interests. Create great conversations around what interests him. He will feel a connection. He will feel that you can both share very interesting times together.

5. Show That You Are A Witty Woman

One thing that scares guys sometimes is the fear that he may not enjoy the time he spends with you, or you may not enjoy spending time with him.

However, when you exhibit wit and humor, he will enjoy talking to you and desire to spend more time with you.

Furthermore, research shows men tend to like women who show wit and humor. Most guys think that a woman who can make them laugh is smart. And every guy wants to date a smart lady.

6. Show Confidence, But Not Over-Confidence

Guys find a woman who feels comfortable with who she is very attractive. So walk with swag, walk with a straight gait. Speak with energy. Look into his eyes when you are conversing. Relax when you are around him.

However, avoid coming across a cocky. Never give the impression that you think you are too good for guys. Or, never make him feel that you think you are Nature's gift to men. He may feel intimidated if you do.

Let him see that you like who you are, but you are aware of your vulnerable side and he will feel that you are more relatable.

7. Create "Accidental" Meetings

Find out where he spends time on weekends and "bump" into him often. You may choose to go with a few of your female friends so that he will not feel that you go there because of him.

Then, create some excitement in the place. Engage in lively conversations with your friends. He will come to see you as an interesting lady and he may want to get to know you better.

8. Compliments

Shower him with compliments. Let him know that you admire him to the bone. He will become positively predisposed to you. And that can make him want to spend more time with you.

Final Thoughts

To get a guy to ask you out, make sure that you come across as a friendly woman.

Furthermore, make it easier for him to factor you in when he is thinking about whom to spend his leisure time with. And learn to charm him with jokes and humor and he can never have enough of you.

Isaac Nunoofio is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. He specializes in writing articles, blog posts, and web content. He writes useful, insightful, in-depth, well-researched, informative and engaging content.

Isaac has also self-published over 10 eBooks including The Secrets of Courtship, Enjoyable Marriage, and Fulfilling Sex and How to Make Your Romantic Relationship Succeed, both of which are available at Amazon.
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