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10 Things That Women Really Want (It’s Not What You Think!)

10 Things That Women Really Want (It’s Not What You Think!)

. 5 min read

Are you struggling to find out what women want? We have all heard the jokes about the mind of a woman and how impossible it is to please her.

Many of these jokes claim that there is simply no way to understand what a woman wants because she doesn’t even know herself. The heart, soul, and mind of a woman are all mysteries that men have been trying to solve for thousands of years.

The truth is, there is no secret code or brilliant book that can tell you how to know exactly what women want. Every woman is different, and her needs, wants, and desires will not be the same as the last.

So how can you know what women really want? Maybe it isn’t so much about what she wants and more about what she needs.

Here are a few things that women from all over the world agree on:

1.      Respect, And Yes it Goes Both Ways– When it comes to what women want, respect is at the top of the list. Most women will not tolerate a man who does not show them respect…not even for a second.

A man who shows respect to a woman can expect to be respected in return; an exchange that benefits both parties in the long run.

Women want and need to be respected.

2.      Honesty – Both honesty and respect are hard limits when it comes to what a woman wants. If a man cannot be honest with a woman, he stands very little chance of ever actually winning her heart.

If a woman ever catches her man in a lie, the trust will never really be there again. Even if she tries to forgive you and move on, there will always be this nagging “what if” in her brain. It is better not to speak at all than it is to be dishonest.

Women want and need honesty.

3.      Communication – This is also vital for having a successful relationship. When communication is open and honest, the relationship will flourish. With no communication, the relationship dies.

Guys should keep in mind that communicating means actually speaking words out loud. Simply nodding your head or muttering, “Mmhmm,” is not enough to make a women feel as though she is being heard.

Women want and need to be heard.

4.      Intelligence – Women like a man with a brain in his head. Does this mean that guys have to be geniuses in order to find love? No, but you are expected to be able to think for yourself.

Women like conversation, and they tend to want to have it with someone who can keep up with their intellect. It is hard to converse with someone who isn’t capable of holding up his end of the conversation.

Although intelligence and common sense are not necessarily linked, maintaining a relationship requires a lot of common sense. If you wouldn’t appreciate her doing something to you, don’t do it to her.

Women want and need you to show a little intelligence.

5.      Kindness is Key – Another thing that women appreciate in a man is kindness. While men of lesser intelligence may try to impress a woman by being a bully or a jerk, studies show that women respond better to men who show consideration to his fellow man.

A man who does not seem to care about how another person feels is not likely to attract a good woman into his life. Women respect kindness in a man and will be drawn to a man who shows consideration for others above himself.

Women want and need kindness in their world.

6.      Maturity – While some may think that maturity only comes with age, this is not always the case. A man can show a great deal of maturity by being able to learn from the mistakes of others.

While most maturity does come from age and wisdom from a person’s past mistakes, we are able to learn from watching others. If you know that a behavior in the past was not appreciated by your love interest, then refraining from that behavior can be a mature choice.

A wealth of maturity will also tend to lead a man to exhibit the rest of the needs on this list. While age is required for certain types of maturity, emotional maturity is ageless and can be very sexy to a woman.

A woman wants and needs her man to show maturity.

7.      Laughter – Trust me on this, guys, if you can make her laugh, you’re already halfway there. While respect and honesty are both hard limits for a relationship, laughter is the way to get her to even give you the chance to show her both.

A man who can make a woman laugh can open up a side of her that most people may never see. Women often have to be serious at work and home, and sometimes don’t get the chance to enjoy a moment to relax. Making her laugh gives her this chance to let it all go.

Women want and need laughter in their lives.

8.      Confidence is Also Important –How many times have you seen some guy posting on his social media about he will never find someone? A guy may think that this is a way to make it known that he is single and looking, but the truth is that it only makes him look as though he is needy and insecure.

The claim that confidence is sexy is a valid one. Women do not flock to men who show signs of being insecure. Trust is a hard thing for most people, and a woman may feel that if you don’t trust yourself, why should she trust you? A man who is confident makes a woman feel more secure.

Women want and need their men to show confidence.

9.      Security – This one may sound strange to some people in the age of feminism and women who strive to prove that they don’t need a man, but the truth is that women need security. Whether society agrees with gender roles or not, the reality of human instinct cannot be ignored.

When early humans were still living in caves, women depended on men to hunt for food and to protect the family from predators. That need for security still resides deep in the psyche of the human female, causing her to be drawn to men who can provide it.

Today’s woman may be fully able to take care of herself, but she still needs a man who doesn’t leave her guessing. Making her feel secure in your relationship and in life fulfills that basic need in her.

Women want and need to feel secure.

10.  Love – Last but not least, women, just like men, need love. They need to be loved, but they need to be allowed to give love. The nurturing side of a woman may not feel complete until she is able to show her love.

While not all women are nurturers, for those that are, the lack of someone to love can create a deep need. Many women will try to show that love to a man, and close down when he doesn’t respond.

The human need to give love is the reason so many people have pets. While your woman absolutely needs you to show her that you love her, it is important to realize that she needs you to let her love you, too.

Women want and need to be loved and to give love.

In Closing

Those are ten things that women really want. As you can see, these wants are truly basic needs that a woman may have because of thousands of years of instinct. By providing those needs for her, you can open a woman up in ways that even she didn’t think was possible.

Angela Kaye Carpenter

Sr Marketing Copywriter@JDS Marketing- Content Writer@Vertu Marketing, Offix, Suburban Snapshot, Daily Ink, & Chewtab- Marketing Writer@The Gillenwater Group. Email @