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The Importance Of ‘Appreciation’ In A Relationship

The Importance Of ‘Appreciation’ In A Relationship

. 4 min read

What makes a man fall a little harder for his beloved each day?
Is it everything she does for him? The way she looks? Those killer chocolate brownies?

The equation of human relationship is inexplicable. One moment it seems the most complex and puzzling thing you have to go through and the very next moment its ease and charm lures you. However, the relation might be, at the end of a stressful day all we seek is the company of a loved one. A healthy relation keeps us going and helps battle everyday difficulties. But don't we all often wonder “what is the secret of a healthy relationship?”

Well according to all eminent psychologists and couples who have spent a considerably long time together, it is not that difficult to maintain a relationship in a healthy way. The well-kept secret is nothing but appreciation. Wondering how does appreciation work? Give a quick read:

Acknowledge your partner’s needs

As individuals, we have varied personalities and personal needs. The basic necessity of having a fulfilling relationship is to meet those needs of the partner. And being appreciated is one of the prime necessities. Acknowledging your partner's needs and appreciating their actions made towards you help a great deal in long term relationships.

When you start appreciating their simple gestures, your partner's need for validation gets fulfilled. They feel important and consider themselves as a vital part of your life.

Work on building a stronger bond

A relationship is nothing but a strong bond of friendship where there is no space for ego and misunderstanding. But two people in a relationship are not free from expectations. Often this expectation leads to differences of opinions. When the expectation in a relationship is only one-sided it often leads to difficult situations where partners take each other for granted without an understanding of considering their needs.

Instead of always complaining about the expectations he or she does not meet, once we start appreciating the effort our partners make for us, it brings a happy balance in the relation. It portrays your generosity. This gratitude in people strengthens the bond.

Appreciation paves the way for a happy relation

In an interaction with your partner, your words of appreciation set the mood for the next interaction. Words full of gratitude and appreciation can enhance positivity in a relationship. You will see a more positive transformation in your partner. Appreciation is really a two-way process. Your words of appreciation make your partner more loving and dedicated. The change in behavior will be visible.

Gratitude and generosity have the power to change unpleasant scenarios. If your partner is going through a bad phase or having a bad day, your support and appreciation is all that is needed to help them overcome the difficulties.

Character traits

We humans are very different from one another. So the way we respond to appreciation is also very unique. Some of us can easily communicate and share our feelings with our partners. For others, verbal communication is rather difficult and they prefer saying it with their actions. For men and women also this expression of gratitude is different. However, there are no laid back rules about expressing your gratitude. When words are not appropriate we may return the favor as a gesture of appreciation. How much we love to be on the receiving end, the effort should come from both sides equally as the way we receive and react to the appreciation is also crucial.

The need for verbal appreciation

A loving gesture from your partner’s end is always special and sweet but nothing can replace the need and significance of verbal appreciation. The communication between partners is intense and personal but the words of appreciation are more effective and meaningful when it is done in the presence of others. Telling your partner how much they mean to you or how much you appreciated them helping you out in a tough situation in front of their family and friends has a long-lasting and positive effect.

Helps in fighting negativity

A healthy relationship is not free from negativity. Both positive and negative completes a relationship. Psychologists also agree that appreciation has a huge effect on the negativities in a relationship. Appreciating attitude brings new perspectives into a relationship. It does not necessarily mean zero fights. But if a bitter situation arises remembering and considering the positive traits in your partner actually helps normalize the situation. As a result, the bond becomes stronger.

Helps a couple to deal with real-life problems

Today's rat race leaves people frustrated and it often reflects in a relationship. The busy life hardly leaves any time for us to take note of our partners. All we need to fight back is positive attention and our partner’s support. Adjustment helps in working out the relation smoothly. A little thank you for the little action goes a long way in a relationship. Appreciation makes you emotionally stable and gives the strength to deal with the struggles o daily life with positivity.

Makes relationships more meaningful

Keep the romanticism alive in the relationship. Appreciate how your partner looks in new clothes, listen to their well-kept secrets and insecurities, make eye contact while listening, appreciate them being there always, compliment them randomly, tell them how much you enjoy their company and what they mean to you. It adds value to your relationship and makes it more meaningful. Especially in long-term relationships, the small steps add vibrancy and color to the relationship.

Not being properly appreciated might weaken the bond between partners. It leads to fights, taking each other for granted, unfaithfulness. Appreciating words are very important as this kind of reassurance is mandatory for relationships and partners. It gives them a sense of respect they need and the motivation they seek. The act of kindness, on the other hand, makes your partner content and happy. The recognition provided by partners brings consistency as the gratitude is reciprocated by both the partners. Above all, all the relations are built completely on the grounds of affection, mutual understanding, and love. This love for one another needs to be communicated.