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5 Texts to Make Any Man Obsess Over You

5 Texts to Make Any Man Obsess Over You

There’s no denying that phones are a big part of our romantic lives. Since everyone and their mother seems to have and carry around a cellphone in today’s world.

Making a man obsessed over you can be as easy as sending him the right text messages. But what are the right text messages and which ones will have the opposite effect?

Today I want to share with you five types of text messages you can send men to make them obsessed with you.

Yes, obsessed as you won’t be able to eat, sleep or go about any other daily tasks without thinking about you.

Now Before we jump into the messages, you should be sending your guy. I want to first talk a little bit about the types of text messages you shouldn’t send him because believe me even if you send him the most heavenly text the wrong ones can be a huge deal breaker.

For starters, the generic Hey, Hello or What’s up text messages. These messages suck because they don’t do anything to stir up emotion in your eye and not to mention they make you seem incredibly boring.

Well I’m talking about these dull messages, it’s also worth mentioning that sending your man updates on your every move isn’t a good idea either.

Believe me as much as you think it’s the end of the world that the coffee-shop is out of your favorite bagel or how you’re feeling bloated from your weekend of partying, he doesn’t care nor he does want to know.

Sure, you may be smitten but you’re not doing yourself any favors by sending these mundane types of text messages. The same goes for sending him what are you up to messages, why?

Because if he doesn’t willingly tell you what he’s doing and it’s probably because he doesn’t feel it’s worth sharing.

When you send him these kind of text messages, it’ll seem like a chore for him to respond to you. Which is 100% the opposite of what you want if you ‘re looking to make them obsessed with you.

And at all costs, avoid sitting around staring at a black screen desperately waiting for him to reply to you. This is important for a couple reasons.

First, if you respond too quickly, it’ll give them the impression that you’re sitting around waiting to hear from him which is exactly what you’re doing.

Second, it comes across as clingy and third, responding too quickly implies that you have no life outside of him in the relationship.

To prevent this from happening, keep busy by doing so it’ll help you fight the urge to text him back too soon and not to mention it’ll give you something new to tell him when he does ask how your day was.

In those scenarios, where you don’t have much happening when he texts still make a point to hold back for at least a few minutes to give them the impression that you are busy with other things.

Not making his text messages your number one priority will give you time to do other things and keep you active and happy and time to properly think about your response.

Of course, if you’re in the middle of a conversation with him or he asks you a question that is time-sensitive and needs a quick reply then don’t leave him hanging. If you do you risk coming across a self-centered or even rude, be respectful of his needs too.

Before I move on to the juicy part of this video, it’s also important to mention how much of an impact grammar has on your relationship.

If your text messages are littered with miss smelt words or lack common sense then that’s going to be a huge turnoff for him and let’s face it you’re not going to look like the brightest crown in the box.

Have yourself the embarrassment and make sure that you read over and edit your text where necessary.

Don’t think this is a real issue just Google search it and you’ll be amazed at some of the cringe-worthy misspellings you’ll find in text messages.

Or learn from my friend’s experience, he was seeing a girl who had text who as an “Hoo” when referring to who as in the person “Who”.

He tried giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoped it was just a strange autocorrect or voice-to-text memo but after she sent him the same misspelled version of who multiple times, he realized that he couldn’t be with someone who lacks such basic intelligence.

Sure, you can argue that breaking up for that reason is shallow but hey the truth hurts sometimes and men aren’t into poor grammar.

Last but certainly not least don’t get over invested in text messaging. If you make the deadly mistake of bantering back and forth with your guy for hours on end then you leave little reason for him to want to see you.

Because let’s face it, you’ll feel like he spent all day with you simply because you’re texting so much.

Again, there are exceptions here as in you shouldn’t bail cold turkey on a conversation but when possible avoid relentless texting back and forth. It won’t lead to anything more and it’s a quick way to kill the spark.

The kind of text that will make men obsessed over you:

#1. Comical Text

The first kind of text message you’re going to want to send a man to make them obsess over you it’s what I like to call the Comical Text and simply put it’s a light-hearted humorous text to make the guy you’re into laugh.

Since laughter is one of the easiest ways to a man’s heart by being that witty whimsical woman that every man dreams of finding, you’re sure to make them obsess over you.

That said, be careful not to turn everything into a joke and don’t add “LOL” or “haha” to every text message you send. Instead, reserve it for the actual funny messages you send and receive.

If you’re saying “I wish you were here right now. LOL.”

Well, you’re going to confuse him instead know when you should use Comical Text and when you should keep your conversation serious.

And always be sure to choose jokes wisely especially if you’re just getting to know the guy you’re texting.

When distasteful text message can wreak havoc on your chances of winning them over.

#2. Q&A Text

The second type of text for hooking him is the Q&A.

Don’t be fooled though this isn’t your typical Question and Answer, it stands for Question and Arouse.

These are the kind of texts you want to send a man to show him that you’re interested in getting to know him better.

However, instead of sending mundane or dry questions like “What are you up to?” or “How was your day?”

You’re going to want to turn up the heat with these ones and get his fiery obsession burning.

For instance, texting him something like “What are you wearing right now?” or “What do you want me to do to you later?”

Can get him aroused more than you may expect. That said, he may not realize exactly why you’re asking him these things so be patient here.

For instance, if you ask him “What he’s wearing?” and replies with “Jeans and a t-shirt, why? Are we going somewhere?”

Then you may want to reply with a sassy seductive, “No, I just wanted to know what I’ll be taking off you tonight.”

Of course, you’ll want to be sparks with these because if they become redundant or excessive then they may start to lose their charm or he may think that you’re just dinner for sex.

#3. Life Lover Text

Moving on, the third text message to send your guy is a Life Lover Text.

So, what is this kind of message? Well, the best way to explain it, is that it’s a text that expresses your confidence and love for life.

The key here is to keep your message positive and radiating with passion. Maybe it means commenting on what a wonderful day you’re having or perhaps it means telling him about all the praise you got from your boss.

Whatever you choose just make sure that your words tell the story of a woman who has bold, brave, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. When you do, he’ll go gaga for you.

#4. Nude Illusion Text

Now moving on, we have the Nude Illusion Text, a hot text message “Gotta run I have to go buy a bikini.” A hotter one, “I’m going to take a long hot shower.” The hottest, “Guess who’s not wearing any panties.”

As vastly different as these three examples are, all will get your guys gears turning and yes, he’ll be imagining you naked.

So, if you’re looking to steal his attention for the day by making him unable to focus on anything for the thoughts of your nude body.

Then these are the kind of texts to get him obsessed.

What’s even better is that by slowly letting him in and giving him more dirty details than you would any other male friend. You’re also giving him a tiny taste of what dating you would be like.

Just don’t go overboard here and definitely don’t send nude photos, no matter how much he begs.

Instead, make him work for the prize. After all, if you just give it all to him then where’s the chase?

Oh, and don’t be afraid to throw in a winking emoji here and there. Those can help send the message that you’re aware that your messages may be turning him on.

#5. Tickle Senses Text

Okay, so last but definitely not least is a Tickle His Senses Text and the point here is to give him a little taste of your sensual side but to leave him wanting more.

In order to send these texts successfully, you’re going to want to avoid being too direct with him. Besides, if he knows he can have you at the snap of a finger then you might start to lose interest.

At the same time, it’s crucial that he knows that you’re at least a little bit into him.

You’d be surprised how often I hear from women who are confused as to why they can’t get the guy. Only to find out that they actually haven’t been showing him any real interest.

Since guys fear rejection, it’s important to show him that you are interested, the key here though is to be subtle.

So, to do so you’re going to want to flirt with him, laugh lots and throw compliment his right here and there.

Tickle all his senses with descriptive words and that will let him visualize what it would be like to be with you. When he can be the one who makes him feel good about himself then there’s no reason why he wouldn’t want to be with you.

Well now it’s your turn to weigh in. Have you tried these types of text messages in the past? Did they work for you? Do you have your own tricks up your sleeve?

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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