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How To Keep Your Romance Alive - Play Hooky from Work

How To Keep Your Romance Alive - Play Hooky from Work

. 3 min read

Do you remember the times you ditched your sixth period class to go hang out with the person you had a crush on? While you can't do it too often, playing hooky from work can jumpstart a relationship.

Plan to have some kind of excuse that requires you to leave the office at noon. That will give you time to have a leisurely lunch, a romantic encounter, and still be done before the kids get home from school.

Playing hooky also tells your partner that while you take your work seriously, they are important to you too. When you are climbing the corporate ladder, it is still important to take time out for the people you love.

Be Aware of Flash Points in Your Relationship

There are certain points in every couple's life that are triggers for one partner to have an affair. When you are aware of the possibility that the relationship could break and you address these points through good communication, you can save yourself the heartbreak of an affair.

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For instance, when a woman has just had a baby, the man may decide to have an affair. There are many reasons for this. He may have trouble seeing his wife as a sexual being. Another issue is that the husband may be jealous of all of the attention the new mother is paying to the baby. He may go looking for a little mothering himself in the arms of another woman. Instead, we would suggest something like tantric massage manchester, rather than going behind you back, and cheating.

Of course, she might not feel all that sexual herself and may not be encouraging intercourse. The work involved in having a new baby can leave people with no energy for sex. New babies are also a financial drain and the stress of not having enough money can affect a coupleís desire for one another. Having another person - the baby - in the house can be a turn off in and of itself. Couples should talk about how having a baby affects your sexual feelings.

Ironically, having your children leave home can be as much of a stress on your sex life as having them come into the world in the first place. The empty nest syndrome can leave one or both partners feeling purposeless. This empty feeling can result in one partner, often the woman, looking for reassurance in the bed of another person.

When elderly parents move into the home, it can put many strains on a relationship. There are new demands on the household. Additionally, one person may resent having the other partner's extended family intruding on their lives. Again, talking about feelings can help. Counseling may also be needed.

When someone loses their job, they may feel a loss of personal power. They may need an ego boost. And, being with someone who finds them attractive may serve to give them some false confidence. When your spouse loses a job, make sure that you reassure them that you still find them attractive and important. Don't nag as that will drive them away.

Financial crisis of all kinds can lead to affairs. Money tends to be the number one problem in relationships, so it is no mystery that a financial crisis would cause a crisis in the marriage. Be open about the money problems you are having and work together to find solutions that you can live with.

Retirement is another time in one's life where a person feels vulnerable. If your career has been what defines you, suddenly being at loose ends can throw you. You might seek to be redefined through having an affair with another (usually younger) person other than your spouse. When your spouse retires, have an open conversation about what is going on in this new phase of life.

Finally, when a partner comes down with a long term illness, whether it is physical or mental, the stress of caring for the other person can lead to a partner seeking uncomplicated solace somewhere else. If you are the partner with the illness, bring up the issue of sexual and emotional support with the other person.

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