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5 Phrases That Make Men Go Crazy For You

5 Phrases That Make Men Go Crazy For You

. 2 min read

Have you ever noticed how some women seem to attract men without even trying? It isn’t their looks or their personality that has men hanging on every word. The truth is there are simple phrases that will make any man go CRAZY for you.

In this post I’m going to share with you five magical phrases that are designed to make men go from lukewarm to red hot. If used correctly, he won’t want to leave your sight, or your bed.

10 Phrases That Make Men Go Crazy By AMY NORTH

These phrases may seem simple, but that’s the whole point. It’s not about being clever, it’s about tapping into a man’s primal needs and activating the part of his brain that’s tied to devotion and love.

PHRASE 1… Let’s do it  

First off, get your mind out of the gutter. This phrase has nothing to do with sex...necessarily. It’s about being open to new experiences and excited to make plans with him. You want him to see you as his friend, his partner in crime and his other half and that means matching his enthusiasm every step of the way.  

PHRASE 2… You’re my hero  

Guys will never admit this but they all secretly want to be your hero. This comes back to a man’s desire to be a protector, a provider and a patriarch. Let him know that you see him this way and he’ll rise to the occasion. Don’t use this one without a reason but something as simple as picking you up from work is enough to let him know that he’s your knight in shining armor.  

PHRASE 3… I like that we don’t have to fill every silence

People have a tendency to perceive silence as a sign that something is going wrong in a relationship, especially early on. Let him know that you’re comfortable with just being with him. You don’t feel the need to always be chatting. You can just appreciate his presence. This is an effective way to take the pressure off and calm unspoken anxiety in both of you.  

PHRASE 4… Could you help me with this?  

Similar to phrase two, this phrase lets him actually BE your hero. It’s important to be independent but it’s vital to show him that you need his help once in awhile. Whether it’s opening a tough jar or setting up your TV, men like to feel powerful and necessary. There’s no shame in stroking his ego.  

PHRASE 5… Have fun with your friends  

In my dealings with male clients I find that one of their biggest complaints is conflict between their relationship and their friendships. You need him to know that you’re happy when he’s happy. You don’t resent him for having fun with his friends. Quite the opposite. If he knows you’re invested in his happiness, he’ll be invested in yours.

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