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Is your man hiding something? He may need your help

Is your man hiding something? He may need your help

. 2 min read

Men are hard to read. Your man might be hiding something. But it’s not what you think. Are you overlooking his cry for help?

Do you ever get the feeling your man isn’t telling you something?

Or maybe he simply gets quiet and distant for no apparent reason...

Leaving you confused or even hurt when he pushes you away?

It’s no secret that many men keep their true emotions guarded...

But it may come as a shock to you that your man is TRYING to tell you something in his own, confusing way.

Something terribly important that you aren’t quite picking up on.

And it might sound strange but what it really comes down to is a bruised ego.

You see, a man’s ego is the backbone of his identity.

And there’s one major thing that is written into the male ego that all men share...

It’s an elusive combination of emotional need and biological drive that’s rarely satisfied in life or love.

In fact, for many men, it’s such a powerful, life-long obsession that they are always chasing in one way or another, but rarely ever finding it.

And when this one need is not being met, it makes him feel inadequate, dissatisfied and insecure.

And he probably doesn’t even know why.

So when he suddenly gives you the cold shoulder or goes off into his own little world...

He’s actually trying to tell you something that your relationship hinges on.

He’s trying to show you that he needs your help to fulfill this need...

That he desperately wants you make him feel whole.

Now here’s the really important part:

He may not specifically know what’s missing...

But if he doesn’t feel this need being met from you...

His attention will start to wander.

Because this obsession is a core part of his identity...

And without it, on some level he will feel like he hasn’t succeeded in life.

And he will always be searching for it.

Here’s a video I discovered that really sheds some light on this

==> What his silence is trying to tell you

On the other hand, when you know why your man is acting like this...

And you know how to answer this secret cry for your help...

You’ll immediately find it a LOT easier to make that special connection and loving bond that most women struggle for.

You’ll even notice him dropping his guard and opening up that vulnerable part of himself...

His REAL self that’s reserved just for you.

Because once you know how to satisfy this powerful, emotional need...

He will immediately see YOU as his lifelong obsession

And keeping you by his side and cherishing your love will become his ultimate goal.

Go watch this video and all that confusing behavior will suddenly click for you:

==> What his silence is trying to tell you

And when you do what it says, it will be easy for you to connect directly to his heart, to know his deep est desires and greatest fears...

And finally have the loving, open relationship you’ve always dreamed of.