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How to Tell If Your Man is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

How to Tell If Your Man is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

. 5 min read

Do you wonder if the guy that you are dating is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Remember when dating was just fun and flirts and you didn’t even consider taking it seriously? As you get older, however, you start to think about your life choices. You’ve probably already given thought to which career path you’d like to follow and there’s a good chance that you’re already on it. You start to imagine what your future will look like, and you start picturing the kind of man you might want in it. Is it the man that you are dating? How can you know? Let’s take a look at how to tell if your man is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

Are You Happy With Him?

Whether or not you are happy with him is a strong indicator of whether a man is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. There are a few things to remember:

· It Is Not About Him Making You Happy- For some, a gauge of whether or not their man is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now is whether or not he makes you happy. It is important to know that you have to be responsible for your own happiness, and no other person can actually make you happy. But if he is Mr. Right, you will find that it is easy to be happy with him.

· It Is Not About Him Making You Unhappy - Mr. Right Now, however, may be fun to hang out with. He may even make you laugh. You may have a lot in common and enjoy spending time together. He may even be respectful to you and seem like a very good choice for the future. But you just don’t feel that overwhelming joy to be with him. He may be the one that everyone else on the planet thinks you should be with, but to you, that emotional connection just isn’t there.

If you are genuinely happy with him, even in hard times, he may just be Mr. Right.

Does He Keep in Contact With You?

Another way to determine if the guy you are spending your time with is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now is whether or not he keeps in touch with you. Sure, he contacts you for dates and calls when he wants to see you, but does he send messages throughout your day… just on a random Tuesday, just because? Does he check on you to see how your day is going, for no reason at all?

· Mr. Right Wants to Hear From You – If he is Mr. Right chances are that he is frequently messaging just to see how your day is going. He is often the first to message, perhaps with, “Good morning, beautiful,” or another daily greeting. He may send texts throughout the day when he isn’t busy, which lets you know that he is thinking of you. Remember, however, to let him know that you’re thinking of him, too.

· Mr. Right Now Isn’t That Into You - He will likely never be the first to text or call, unless, of course, he wants a night of, um, “Netflix and Chill,” hold the Netflix and the chilling. But otherwise, you will likely find yourself doing all of the texting, calling, and small talk. Mr. Right Now is all about one thing, and although that one thing may be hot and exciting, there is no deeper connection between you.

Mr. Right genuinely cares about your day, not just your body.

Does He “Hide” From Your Loved Ones?

Well, maybe not literally hide, but if he is Mr. Right, your guy will not shy away from meeting your family, your friends, or those who you are close to in your life. In fact, he is more likely to insist on meeting them.

· Mr. Right Now Is In No Rush to Meet Your People – Truth is, he may not be comfortable at all meeting your parents or maybe even friends because he knows that he won’t be around for the long haul. If that is the case, he simply doesn’t want to become familiar with the people in your life that he has no intention of becoming close with.

· Mr. Right Is Eager to Share Your Life - On the other hand, Mr. Right will be open to not only meeting but also hanging out with your friends and even family. He understands that these are the people who are important in your life and that if he wants to be close to you, they will be around often. If Mr. Right hears that your parents are going to be in town, he will give hints and may even insist that he wants to meet them.

The man who genuinely wants to meet your parents is a man who may be seriously considering a commitment to you.

Does He Push You to Be Your Best?

If the man that you are with is “the one,” he will see the potential that you have and help you work towards being the best you that you can be.

· Mr. Right Now Doesn’t Motivate You – With Mr. Right Now, you may feel comfortable and believe that this is a good thing. While you should be happy and comfortable being yourself around anyone, Mr. Right Now doesn’t make you feel in any way that you could be more. Mr. Right Now is not invested in your future, he is invested in right now, and to let you be content with where you are is easier.

· Mr. Right Sees Your Potential – While Mr. Right Now is happy with letting you veg on the couch of life and be satisfied with where you are right now, Mr. Right will see your potential and work with you to help you reach it and more. He pushes you to be a better version of you while working on being a better person himself. Mr. Right is your teammate, not just a hookup.

Mr. Right will believe in you and cheer you on, whereas Mr. Right Now doesn’t motivate you at all.

Do the Two of You “Just Fit”?

Do you remember as a child playing with toys with plastic shapes that you needed to fit into different-shaped holes? If so, you may remember that frustration that came from trying to fit the wrong shape into the wrong hole. That’s how it feels to be in the wrong relationship.

· Mr. Right is The Perfect Fit - Mr. Right just “feels right.” Although the delicious sexual tension may be there, there is no constant aggressive tension that keeps the two of you from ever actually connecting. He is the right shape for the hole in your heart that you’ve been waiting to fill. While you can have a terrific life without Mr. Right, he adds to your life in so many ways that you’d never want to do life without him.

· Mr. Right Now Just Doesn’t Fit - You both want it to fit, and you both even try to force it to fit, but it always ends up in a fight. No matter how hard you try to force the relationship to work, it just doesn’t. Maybe you just don’t like the same things or have the same beliefs… or maybe you want different things. If you are looking at commitment and marriage and kids, and he just wants to Netflix and chill, this could be a problem.

Mr. Right will just fit comfortably into your heart and life without being forced.

In Closing

Chances are, if you are dating Mr. Right, you already know it deep inside. You are content with him and love the attention that he gives to you. You two just fit, and it is nice being with him. He doesn’t shy away from commitment and loves cheering you on, celebrating your victories and supporting you when things don’t go as planned. While you may not need a man, Mr. Right adds to your life in ways that you’d never imagined and makes you want to do the same for him.

Angela Kaye Carpenter

Sr Marketing Copywriter@JDS Marketing- Content Writer@Vertu Marketing, Offix, Suburban Snapshot, Daily Ink, & Chewtab- Marketing Writer@The Gillenwater Group. Email @