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Getting That Second Date: How To

Getting That Second Date: How To

. 2 min read

You've enjoyed meeting with this guy, and you want to see him again.

However, tells you which it is possible to 't do anything.  You got to wait to contact you.  You have to be the princess waiting in the tower for the prince.

Well, I not a princess.  And I doubt you are, either!

We modern ladies.  We overlook 't wait.  After what we want, we go.

Just how do you go after this guy without seeming pushy?

You use these 3 steps...

Modern guys aren't enjoy the princes of older.

They don't find a princess and instantly realize she needs their help.

A man that is contemporary could find a princess and think:

Oh, she looks really amazing and happy up there.  She looks like she's got everything.  I far below her level.  Ilet her get on with things and 'll have a conversation with her. "

Today's guys NEED our help.

There a lot holding them back from asking you .   Should they suspect that you not interested, they proceed and 'll count themselves fortunate they had a date that is wonderful.

So your job is to tell him --subtly, of course--which you'd say yes to a second date... IF he asked.

How Do I Do That?
Step 1.  Let him know you're having a good time.
It 's no skin off your nose, In case you having a good time on a date.  Tell him you're having a nice time.  It doesn't have to be a major thing.  Just slip it.

Step 2.  Suggest a date idea.
If you find out you've got something in common--state, you're both interested in this new movie that's going to come out--state something like, "I've been looking for a person to go to this with me.  Not one of my friends are curious. " Then leave it there.

Youjust given a date idea that was possible to him.  If he wants to see you again, he'll recall it.

Step 3.  Give an opening to him.
Send a message to .  This 's it.  No gushing, A brief one-liner, no emojis.  Only an acknowledgment of the fact that it requires energy and time to go out and meet with folks.

He answer When he curious.

When he's not, no harm done!  You came across as super-polite and considerate.   You just do the thing.

Those 3 steps will make it simple for even the shyest guy to ask you out again.

Even better, it will give you something to DO...

Unlike many princesses languishing out in their towers, hoping for some guy to select on them.