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5 Ways To Turn His Head (Attract Men Instantly!)

5 Ways To Turn His Head (Attract Men Instantly!)

. 3 min read

There are plenty of good-looking, available guys out there. You’ve seen them, but have they seen you? It’s easy to assume that our crushes aren’t interested but it’s often that they just haven’t even noticed that we’re there.

These tips will make men notice you from a mile away and want to strike up a conversation. Where it goes from there, is up to you.

The truth is, you could be the coolest, funniest girl ever… But if they never notice you, then it’s never going to happen.

These tips work if you’re looking to hook a specific guy but even if you don’t, they will have more men looking your way.

They work no matter what you look like, how shy you are, or how dense your crush is. If he’s got eyes, he’s going to be taking notice.

Be careful with these tips because they can be pretty powerful so use them sparingly or you’ll be swarmed by hot, available men.

Here they are:

1. Keep Up With The Kardashians

This is about taking the extra time every morning to make yourself look and feel good. Not just on days when you know you’re going to see your crush. Make it a daily habit.

You know those days when you feel flustered, rushed and don’t have time to do your hair and makeup the way you like? You wish you were invisible.

Well then is it any wonder that guys aren’t noticing you if you’re actively trying to make yourself disappear into the wall?

Now think of the day you have your favourite outfit on and you look hot as hell. Even just sitting there alone, you radiate positivity and comfort.

With that in mind, plan ahead. If you make the time to make yourself look and feel great then you’re going to attract more guys. This can have a huge snowball effect. The more often you look and feel your best, the higher your confidence will be even when you have a blackhead and you’re wearing sweatpants. Confidence is contagious!

2. Buddha Mindset

He may not have been a famous lover, but buddha knew all about staying in the here and now. This is the key that will make you more noticeable and approachable.

The modern world can be pretty stressful and overwhelming. When we’re out in public, whether we’re running errands or commuting, we’re often off in our own world, simply trying to get things done and get from place to place.

3. Notice him.

The best defence is a good offence!

If you want a guy to notice you, one of the best things you can do is look his way. I know a lot of people tell you to play hard to get and to ignore him, and that can work in many situations but if you’re doing it before you two have met, the right kind of guy will take that as a queue to leave you alone.

4. Signature Scent

I don’t think I have to tell you to shower and use deodorant. But go a step further. I always recommend my clients find their signature scent. A little dab here and there is a great way to have him noticing you before he even sees you! Smell is more powerful than you think because it’s so subconscious.

5. Sound

Now let’s talk about number six, sound. Sound is one of the senses that’s impossible to ignore. So if you appeal to him on this level, he’s bound to turn his head. I don’t recommend singing alone on the train or talking to yourself on the street but there are other ways to harness this powerful sense.