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6 Steps to get him/her back into your life

6 Steps to get him/her back into your life

. 2 min read

Step 1: Stop Panicking

You need to calm down and regain composure. Go out, breath the fresh air, do something that you like doing.

Step 2: Think Rationally

The next thing you need to do, is think about why you want to win your ex back? Do you really think that you could have a long and healthy relationship with your ex? Think with your brain and not with your heart. Remember how your relationship used to be. You are the best judge in this situation. If you’ve decided that your relationship is worth saving, read on.

Step 3: Figure out what went wrong

You need to figure out what went wrong in the relationship and work on it. Men and women both have different needs in a relationship and if you want to have a long lasting happy relationship, you should understand what your partner craves for.

Step 4: Get in Shape, Socialize, and Start Enjoying Your Life

There are a few other things that you need to do before you contact your ex:

  • Get in shape. Exercising at least 3 times weekly helps relieve stress, keeps you and shape and improves overall well being.
  • Hang out with your friends. Catch up with them and do things you enjoy.
  • Work on your existing hobby or create a new one.
    These are the things that will make you realize how wonderful life is and once you start appreciating your life, you will immediately become a lot more attractive to your ex. By the end of this time period, you will have a clear head and have decided whether or not to give your relationship another chance.

Step 4: Regain Contact

You can call them, send them a text message, email them or leave a message on their answering machine. However, the most and effective way to regain contact is by a hand written letter. It is much more personal and he’ll be grateful you took time to write that letter.

Step 5: Meet Up

This date will be your chance to reconnect with your ex emotionally. Don’t try to fix your problems and talk about what went wrong. Big problems in a relationship will almost fix themselves if there is enough passion in a relationship.

Step 6: Be the Person they fell in love with

Show them how you’ve changed yourself for the better. You have to be the person they once fell in love with.