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3 Easy Steps To Getting The Girl

3 Easy Steps To Getting The Girl

. 3 min read

It's heartbreaking when men aren't successful with women. There are a number of ways men could increase their chances with the opposite sex. The three main points are listed in this article. These three points however small can make a huge impact. It's important to look for solutions that will benefit you in the long run with your relationships. Now if you want to be attractive to the opposite sex here are the three things one should focus on include: be in good shape, dress well and be expressive. If energy is put on the three points expressed above men would achieve success in their relations and yield big results.

1. Be in good shape

You think everyone would know they need to look their best to impress the ladies this includes being in excellent shape. In order to do this you need to exercise on a fixed schedule. It's important for one to consult with their doctor before you partake in any rigorous physical training. Exercising will help you look your best, lose pounds and give you more energy. It's been said that physical activity can also make one optimistic and enthusiastic about life. Being as fit as you can be will definitely give you brownie points with the ladies.

Now you don't need to look like the actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson also known as the "The Rock," but it wouldn't help if you had a few rocks on your body. A study of evolutionary theory showed men with an android shaped body which features musculature on one's upper body, a small waist and narrow pelvis to be a someone that is in excellent health and higher testosterone. What regular people call this type of body is simple V-shaped. If you're a male and you have a V-shaped body you are seen as someone that is more dominant. You don't have to be a celebrity to get a V-shaped toned body it just takes patients and a regular exercising system. With a little bit of time and effort anyone can get a V-shaped body.

2. Dress well

It's important for your confidence to dress well for your self esteem and personality. One should not wear clothing or anything that doesn't fit their style and personality. Men have it easy compared to what women must do to get their perfect look. You don't need to be Herver Ledger or Michael Kors you just need to put effort into what you decide to dress in. There is one man that has the answers to what a man should wear that's Brad P., he's the author of the Fashion Bible. The book is to help men that have no fashion sense look good & great for any woman that may come in contact with. Find out more about the Fashion bible here:

3. Facial expressions

If you want the lady of your dreams to see the love you have for her show it to her. One of the first ways a woman may be attracted to you is by your facial expressions. Do you look sad? Do you look happy, mad or upset. Your facial expressions will show on your face. These expressions are a representation of how you feel. Maybe you haven't achieved success in your relationship because of the fact that your stone-face. If you change your attitude and expressions will attract women that want to be around you. Let women know who you are inside by showing your expressions.

If you want to get the girl of your dreams today start working out to get the physique you've always wanted. Exercising can be done in small baby steps until you're able to advance to a more advance level. Get yourself a copy of Brad P's Fashion Bible and stock your wardrobe with pieces to fit your personal style. More importantly, have confidence in yourself and express yourself more. Following these guidelines will help increase anyones dating life.

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Article Source: 3 Easy Steps To Getting The Girl